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Command Line Interface


void ltrx_cli_command_loop (struct input_stream *is, struct output_stream *os, const bool *isRunning, bool echoIsOn)
 Enters the command line loop. More...

Detailed Description

The Command Line Interface (CLI) implements the "Command Line" Line Protocol. When this protocol is chosen by a Line, it prompts for and accepts commands on the Line.

Commands are organized into levels. They provide comprehensive capability to view device status, to inspect and change device configuration, and perform actions on the device.

Function Documentation

void ltrx_cli_command_loop ( struct input_stream is,
struct output_stream os,
const bool *  isRunning,
bool  echoIsOn 

Enters the command line loop.

This routine implements the full Command Line Interface.

It returns either if it parses an "exit" command from the top level, or if another thread sets the isRunning flag to false.

[in,out]isInput stream accepting command characters.
[in,out]osOutput stream for responses and optional echo of input.
[in]isRunningPoints to flag checked by loop; set it false to exit early.
[in]echoIsOnSelects echo on or off.