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LCD Screen and Keypad Expansion Card

The Lantronix LM83X Local Manager supports an LCD screen and keypad through an optional expansion card. The keypad can be used to configure the Local Manager without the need for a workstation. After configuration, the LCD screen displays system messages during boot and status information during normal operation.

Using the keypad

The keypad consists of four arrow buttons, an Enter button (located in the center), and a Back button. The left and right arrow keys move the cursor left and right, respectively. The up and down arrow keys change numerical values.

Lantronix LM83X LCD

When the Local Manager is powered on, press the Enter key in the center of the keypad to display the menu. Press the Back key below the left arrow key to exit the menu and resume scrolling status information.

The menu functions include:


The Configure menu allows configuration of basic network and system settings. These settings include:

  • IP Addressing - set the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway
  • Control Center - set the IP address of your Lantronix Control Center
  • Pulse IP - set the IP address of your Pulse server


Restarts the Local Manager. Equivalent to the restart command


Powers off the Local Manager. Equivalent to the shutdown command


Initiates a system upgrade from a USB flash drive. This option is available only if a USB flash drive is connected to the Local Manager. Equivalent to the config update usb command.

Factory reset (hidden below two blank lines)

Restores the Local Manager to its initial state. Equivalent to the config reinstall command.

Viewing Status Information

During normal operation, the LCD screen will cycle through various messages, including:

  • Software Version
  • Lantronix Status (Good, Out-of-Band, Upgrading, Alarms Exist, etc.)
  • IP Address
  • Control Center IP Address
  • Pulse Server IP Address
  • Port Information (hostname or description)

During the boot process, the LCD screen will display system messages.

In the event of a software or hardware error, the LCD screen may display the Lantronix logo or the Local Manager's serial number.