About the SDK

The following is an overview of the files installed in the SDK installation path.

Directory Organization

Here's the XPort EDGE SDK directory structure and descriptions of what's inside.

C:/xPortEdge is the installation directory in Windows. The installer automatically places the SDK here.

xPortEdge/build contains platform.make, which includes the compile flags and tells the compiler which flags to apply to your project when you build it.

xPortEdge/custom contains the code for your custom includes, modules, and projects.

custom/includes contains your custom H files.

custom/module contains the custom module's C files and bom/cfiles.make, which specifies which C files to included for this module when you build the project. See Creating Modules for more information.

custom/project contains Makefile (the same for all projects) and modules.make, which specifies which modules to include when you build the project. See Building Projects for more information.

xPortEdge/documentation contains readme_first.pdf, and a theDocument.bat, which displays the Developer Reference locally.

xPortEdge/env contains env.make.

xPortEdge/html contains the html files for the Developer Reference.

xPortEdge/lantronix contains Lantronix-provided modules, includes, and libraries.

xPortEdge/msys64 contains the file for the SDK command line/shell application.

xPortEdge/rules contains build templates and resources for the build process.

xPortEdge/toolchain contains files for tools and other resources.

xPortEdge/work contains built projects and the ROM file after you build them from the custom/project/project_name directory.

xPortEdge/msys2_shell is a shortcut to the SDK's command line/shell application.

Build Environment

The build environment is entirely contained within the SDK files and initiated when you run the make command. You don't need to use any additional tools to create projects that make use of either the Lantronix-provided, or your own, custom modules, includes, and libraries.

Manufacturing Test Loader

The SDK includes the Manufacturing Test Loader .rom file in xPortEdge/lantronix.

Feature Set History

It is recommended to discontinue use of all versions prior to

Version Notes This is the latest Manufacturing Test Loader that contains only the Manufacturing Test commands. This is the latest Manufacturing Test Loader.

Certification Command Differences

The following difference exists between versions:

  • Version certification commands can be reached by executing the CLI command cert console.

Note Regarding Secure Boot

If your device has Secure Boot enabled with an OEM Key programmed, then you must sign the MTL rom with your private key and use the resulting rom.