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Lantronix Local Managers ship with a default ruleset for monitoring v.92 modems. The primary goal of this ruleset is to ensure out-of-band is available when it is needed.


The default ruleset is called modemBasic.

[admin@LantronixLM]# show ruleset modemBasic
ruleset modemBasic
description Rules for testing the internal modem
modemLineInUse | modemLineDisconnected


Two rules are included in modemBasic:

  • modemLineInUse
  • modemLineDisconnected

This ruleset is used in conjunction with the modem monitor and examines the responses received from the modem.


Let's take a closer look at each rule.


rule modemLineInUse
action alarm MODEM_LINE_IN_USE
modem.response equals "LINE IN USE" :2i

This rule looks for the response LINE IN USE and throws an alarm if detected. The 2i modifier instructs the Local Manager to wait two intervals before throwing an alarm.

Since the modem line should only be in use when the Local Manager is operating out-of-band, this rule will help identify a problem that may prevent dial-in or dial-out when needed.


[admin@LantronixLM]# show rule modemLineDisconnected
rule modemLineDisconnected
modem.response equals "NO DIALTONE" :2i OR
modem.response equals "NO LINE" :2i OR
modem.response matches "1\.40\s+OK" :2i

This rule looks for multiple responses that may indicate a problem with the attached phone line. The 2i modifier instructs the Local Manager to wait two intervals before throwing an alarm

  • NO DIALTONE - the modem was unable to detect a dialtone when dialing
  • NO LINE - the modem was unable to detect a line when dialing
  • 1\.40\s+OK - this response indicates a problem with the line voltage (bad line)

Any of the above responses are good indications that out-of-band may fail when initiated. Use this rule to get notified of problems and fix them before a network outage.


Modem monitors are not scheduled by default, but are recommended for all Local Managers that rely on v.92 for out-of-band access.

To schedule the modem monitor with the modemBasic ruleset, log into the Local Manager and change to the modem resource.

Use the config monitor modem command to schedule the monitor. Use the following syntax:

[super@LantronixLM (modem)]# config monitor modem modemBasic
Validate scheduled monitor(modem)?  (This will execute the job now.) (y/n): y
Job was scheduled 8: [Interval: 00:00:30 Mask: * * * * *] rulesMonitor modem none modemBasic 30