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Release Notes 6.6

Lantronix is pleased to announce version 6.6 for the Local Manager and Control Center. This document covers LMOS version 6.6 and all subsequent patch sub-releases. Changes made in patch releases are marked with the version number.

Release Summary

  • Upgrade Support: 6.3.x, 6.4.x and 6.5.x
  • Product: Local Manager (LM) and Control Center (CC)
  • Models: LM80/LM83x, 500/5000, Virtual LM
  • Current Release: 6.6.1
  • Date: May 30, 2024
  • Build Number: 43551

Lantronix Local Manager

New Features

  • Dedicated Ethernet ports in slot 2, 3 and 4 support grouping into bridge groups to support devices with multiple Ethernet/IP/IPv6 addresses
  • Optionally delegate authentication on LM to the Control Center’s authentication and authorization facility
  • Device automation for Synaccess netBooter power controllers (NP-02B, NP-05B)
  • Support for multiple IP and hostname addresses for the CC


  • Outband cycle test now includes RSSH verification
  • Better support for Quectel (EG25) modems
  • Send modem ICCID to CC
  • IKEv2 compatibility with StrongSwan
  • IKEv2 supports TFC configurable padding
  • LM alarms if a cellular modem is installed, but the SIM is missing
  • Added device automation support for Cisco IOS version 17
  • APC driver configuration simplified
  • Log event for failed SSH key login attempts
  • Port terminal: ~f now shows username like ~g
  • Operating system CVE patches; Java patches
  • 6.6.1: Advanced driver Push OS support for Cisco switches using installed mode
  • 6.6.1: Advanced driver support for APC 7900B

Bug Fixes

  • Support three (was two) dedicated Ethernet cards with mapping to virtual ports
  • Service processor (IPMI) commands
  • Dial-in connection bug in version 6.5.0
  • Locking with concurrent port forwards
  • Cisco device automation Push OS on stacked switches
  • 6.6.1: Outlet mappings and labels disappear in version 6.6.0

Control Center

New Features

  • Added Secure HTML5 client for LM
    • Use the SSH button to optionally launch the client in a new browser tab
    • Browser connection does not require any installed programs
    • Browser client securely logs in the current CC user to LM without requiring additional authentication (SSO)
    • Requires RSSH enabled on LM
  • Added Modem Overview page under Administration menu
    • Administrators can view, sort, and filter modem information for all LMs
      • Includes make, model, OS, OS version, APN, ICCID, IMEI, phone number
    • Group modems by alarm type (ex. ‘modem line disconnected’, ‘unregistered’)


  • Significant performance improvements for heartbeat: reuse sockets, reduce bandwidth for full heartbeat
  • Canceled tasks clean up faster for offline LMs
  • Phone Number added to Modem report
  • RSSH SOCKS default user changed from "uplogix" to "reverse"
  • Unique RSSH SOCKS password generated on upgrade
  • SSH button now available on all port pages
  • Reassign, Replace, and Remove buttons removed from port pages
  • Help link now points to
  • Tomcat patched to 9.0.86
  • Struts 2 patched to
  • OpenSSH patched for CVE-2023-48795 (Terrapin)
  • Operating system CVE patches; kernel, Java, libssh patches

Bug Fixes

  • Proxy settings now allow "<>" in password fields
  • 6.6.1: "Replace" feature when an LM has virtual ports
  • 6.6.1: Classpath issue when using TACACS
  • 6.6.1: Blank RSSH SOCKS password after upgrade

Release Date and Build Numbers

Version 6.6

  • Release Date: April 21, 2024
  • Build Number: 43449

Version 6.6.1

  • Release Date: May 30, 2024
  • Build Number: 43551