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Release Notes 6.5

Lantronix is pleased to announce the release of LMS version 6.5 for 500/5000/LM80/LM83X/Virtual Local Managers and Control Center.


  • Upgrades from 6.2.x, 6.3.x and 6.4.x are tested and supported.
  • Product: Local Manager (LM) and Control Center (CC)
  • Models: LM80/LM83x, 500/5000, Virtual LM
  • Date: 9/29/2023
  • Build #: 42800
  • Over 200 Jira issues were addressed between LM and CC.

Local Manager

  • New Feature: On LM80 and LM83X, any port can be a virtual port. Slots 1 through 5 allow up to 32 ports each. When a virtual port is configured for the physical location of a dedicated Ethernet port, it assumes control of the dedicated Ethernet port.
  • New Feature: admin user password must be changed on first use.
  • New Feature: Support multiple credentials for SNMP.
  • Feature Change: Zero Touch (via DNS) now works with “control-center”. It also supports “uplogix-control-center" for existing deployments.
  • Improvement: Added “show log zero-touch" for Zero Touch debug.
  • Improvement: NXOS - booting, push OS, reload, sftp.
  • Improvement: Cisco - ROMMON recovery OS selection.
  • Improvement: Cisco - stacked switches ‘push os’ will free up space.
  • Improvement: APC 7900B powercontrol
  • Improvement: Virtual ports show “*” when activity is present.
  • Improvement: “pull tech” handles Quectel modem errors better.
  • Improvement: Display longer hostnames in the dashboard.
  • Security: Disable aes128-cbc by default.
  • Security: Upgrade NSS to 3.79.
  • Security: Operating system patches.
  • Fixed: admin user privileges intermittently lost when using CC for the first time.
  • Fixed: APC power off not working from the mapped port.
  • Fixed: Out-of-band routing issues when the management Ethernet link is down.
  • Fixed: Dedicated port forwarding with several open sessions intermittently stops working.
  • Fixed: IOS and NXOS file copy operations do not use subinterfaces.
  • Fixed: Connectivity Services does not work with IKEv1/2 and default MTU
  • Fixed: Managed device transfers using SCP do not work if the default SSH port has been changed from port 22.

Control Center

  • New Feature: Send SMS through Connectivity Services to LM modems to turn on out-of-band connection.
  • New Feature: Cellular ICCID is now reported to the CC. It is searchable from the Inventory Search. It has also been added to the modem inventory report that listed IMEI.
  • New Feature: “administrator” password must be changed on first use.
  • Feature Change: the guest role is now locked and does not allow customers to edit. When new features are added, the role may be automatically updated.
  • Improvement: Outband Cycle Test report does not report LMs that are already out-of-band as failed.
  • Improvement: Server Logins page also lists Client IP.
  • Improvement: Virtual Slots allow for virtual port creation with Protocol ‘none’.
  • Improvement: Alarm and Event pages now search the Context field and others.
  • Improvement: Display which user created a Task.
  • Security: CBC TLS ciphers are now disabled by default. They can be enabled if needed.
  • Security: Better XSS validation for Default Port Settings, Report Assignment, and Report Subscriptions.
  • Fixed: Firefox intermittently fails to load reports. Removed the use of the <iframe> tag for HTML Reports.
  • Fixed: Under the Reports tab, several names are inconsistent.
  • Fixed: Expanding a Rule on the Rules list loses the current page context.
  • Fixed: Orphaned Tasks do not cancel.
  • Fixed: Login Banner sizing with long sentences.
  • Fixed: Certificate import with relative paths.
  • Fixed: IPT Test validation.
  • Fixed: Support Tools validation.
  • Fixed: could not find ifdown/ifup.
  • Fixed: Sort by date on Events for Ports.
  • Fixed: Terminal Application does not select the first character on copy.
  • Struts upgraded to version
  • Tomcat upgraded to version 9.0.90.
  • CVE patches for OS (kernel, cups, tar, Perl, Python).
  • Note: verified that CC is compatible with vCenter and ESXi version 8.
  • Note: Terminal Application for MAC is available by request with minimal support.

Release History

  • 6.5.0 - September 29, 2023