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Dial into a Local Manager through RUDICS

The following steps allow you to dial into Local Managers through an Iridium modem without the CC GUI.

Connect to RUDICS

Method 1: Telnet directly into RUDICS via PuTTY:

Open PuTTY to display the configuration window. Enter the IP address of the RUDICS server and select 'Telnet' as the connection type. The port number should be provided to you by Iridium.

Putty - IP and Tunnels

Once you have successfully connected, you should be able to issue modem commands.

Method 2: Telnet to RUDICS via the CC command line.

SSh to the CC

login as: emsadmin
emsadmin@LtrxCC's password:
Last login: Mon Jun 18 16:20:28 2018 from
[emsadmin@LtrxCC ~]$
Telnet to the RUDICS router by issuing the command telnet [rudicsIP] [port]

[emsadmin@LtrxCC ~]# telnet 2663

Entering character mode
Escape character is '^]'.

Prepare the session by setting the serial settings

Once you are connected to RUDICS, issue the commands ATZ, ats29=8, and ats57=9660, allowing the modem to return 'OK.'


Dial into the Local Manager

The dial command is atdi and the phone number with no spaces.