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Remote Antenna Kit (Rev 3)

This document details the installation of a remote antenna kit with the Lantronix LEO-I Kit (Revision 3).

Unpack the Kit

The remote antenna kit should contain:

  • Iridium antenna
  • 10 ft LMR-195 cable
  • GPS antenna with fixed 10 ft cable
  • Mounting bracket (2)

Install the antennas

1. Connect the cable of the GPS antenna to the external side of the N-type connector at the bottom of the ADU.

Remove Existing Antenna

2. Connect the LMR-195 cable to the Iridium antenna. Connect the opposite end to the larger N-type connector at the bottom of the ADU.

Attach SMA Cable

3. Mount the antenna in the desired location. Use the circled holes in the below picture to attach the antenna to the mounting bracket with the screws provided.

Mounting Screw Holes

4. Unscrew the bottom cap of the GPS antenna and thread the wire through the top of the mounting bracket. Thread the cap through the end of the wire and screw back on and mount in desired location.

GPS Antenna

Assembled antenna kit:

Wiring Complete Unit