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The purpose of this document is to detail the installation and configuration of Lantronix Local Managers (LM) to manage and facilitate remote connectivity to a Juniper device.


Supports Juniper switches and routers running JunOS version 11 or higher with the Lantronix Local Manager.

Physical Connection

Connect a free serial port on the Lantronix to the Juniper's RS-232 console management port with a standard Cat-5 cable.

Configuring the Port

To configure the Lantronix LM for connection to a Juniper device, navigate to the port that the Juniper is connected to, run the command config init, and follow the prompts as below (substituting your Juniper's IP address for


The Lantronix advanced driver for JunOS will not work with the root console username. To properly configure a Juniper device you must provide a user account that automatically has a "cli" shell, as opposed to a "csh" shell that the root user has.

[Admin@LantronixLM (port1/4)]# config init
--- Enter New Values ---
description: EX220
make [native]: juniper
model: ex2200-24t-4g
os: JunOS
os version: 11.3R2.4
management IP:
console username: bob
console password: ********
confirm password: ********
enable username:
enable password:
Serial Bit Rate [9600]:
Serial Data Bit [8]:
Serial Parity [none]:
Serial Stop Bit [1]:
Serial Flow Control [none]:
Do you want to commit these changes? (y/n):

The default console settings for the Juniper Switch are 9600 bit rate, 8 serial data bit, no serial parity, serial stop bit 1, no flow control.