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Uplogix 5000 Hard Drive Removal

For certain secure locations, it may be necessary to remove the Lantronix 5000's hard drive before sending the Local Manager back as part of an RMA. This article describes how to remove the hard drive from the chassis. The drive can then be destroyed; it does not need to be returned to Lantronix.

1. Remove Screws From Cover

Remove the 2 cover screws from the back of the u5000. Be careful not to strip the screws when removing and replacing.

Serial Pin Out

Figure 1: Back of u5000. Cover screws circled in red.

2. Remove Cover

Slide the cover of the u5000 back and then lift up to disengage from the chassis.

Serial Pin Out

Figure 2: u5000 with chassis slid back and raised.

3. Disconnect Serial ATA Cable

Carefully pull the red serial ATA cable out from the hard drive.

Serial Pin Out

Figure 3: Top view of open u5000 chassis with serial ATA cable removed from the hard drive.

4. Remove Hard Drive Mounting Screws

The top of the hard drive has 3 screws that attach the drive to the chassis. The mounting screws are circled in red in the picture below. Remove the screws to disengage the hard drive.

Serial Pin Out

Figure 4: u5000 hard drive with mounting screws marked in red.

5. Disconnect Power Cable

Lift the drive out of the chassis and disconnect the power cable from the back.

Serial Pin Out

Figure 5: Disconnecting the power cable from back of drive.

6. Close Chassis

Place the lid back on the chassis and slide into place. Do not reinsert the cover screws. They can be thrown away. Place the chassis in box to ship back to Lantronix.

7. Remove Mounting Bracket From Drive

Remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the hard drive mounting assembly. Place the mounting bracket inside the box with the chassis (but not in the chassis).

Serial Pin Out

Figure 6: Drive and mounting bracket assembly with screws circled in red.