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Replacing a u5000 Synjet Air Mover


Opening an Lantronix 5000 Local Manager will void its warranty. Customers with active maintenance contracts should RMA the Local Manager by contacting Lantronix Support.

Replacing a SynJet air mover is not a procedure typically performed in the field. However, in extreme cases, the guide below can be used to replace a faulty Synjet without having to send back the entire Local Manager for repair.


Shut down and remove power before servicing the Lantronix 5000.

Required Equipment

The following equipment is required:

  • a replacement synjet from Lantronix
  • Philips screwdrivers (regular, small)


1. Prepare Local Manager

Shut down the Local Manager using the front panel or with the shutdown command from the CLI. REMOVE ALL POWER.

u5000 Powered Off

2. Remove Chassis Screws

The chassis lid is secured by two screws on the rear of the unit. Remove these.

u5000 Chassis Screws

3. Loosen Rack Ears

If the unit has rack ears, you may need to loosen them to remove the lid. The rack ears do not need to be completely removed.

u5000 Rack Ears

4. Slide Lid Off

Apply pressure to the lid and slide it backwards off the chassis.

u5000 Remove Lid

5. Locate Synjet

The synjet air mover is located in the front right corner (as viewed from the front).

u5000 Synjet

6. Remove Synjet Screws

Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the 3 screws from the synjet. Do NOT remove the 4 screws from the mounting plate below it.

u5000 Synjet Bad Screws

u5000 Synjet Good Screws

7. Locate Power Cable

Note the orientation of the synjet's power cable and then unplug it.

u5000 Synjet Power 1

u5000 Synjet Power Removed

8. Install New Synjet

Plug the power cable into the new synjet, observing correct polarity. Place synjet in chassis and screw down.

u5000 Synjet Install

9. Complete Install

Replace chassis lid and tighten all screws. The Lantronix 5000 is now ready to be turned on.