Syslog Forwarding

CC: Inventory > Local Manager Summary > Network > Syslog

The interactive command config system syslog allows you to enable syslog forwarding.

Specify the server IP address and port number, and select the syslog facility to write to (such as local1, local2, etc).

[admin@LantronixLM]# config system syslog
--- Existing  Values ---
Syslog enabled: no
Syslog server IP: 
Syslog port number: 514
Syslog facility: 
Change these? (y/n) [n]: y
--- Enter New Values ---
Enable syslog? (y/n) [n]: y
Syslog server IP:
Syslog port number [514]: 
Syslog facility: local5
Do you want to commit these changes? (y/n): y