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System Properties

The Local Manager supports arbitrary name/value properties that alter the behavior of certain features. Properties can be set using the config system properties command on the CLI or on the Properties page under Local Manager Summary on the Control Center.

You can view configured properties with the show system properties command.

[admin@LantronixLM]# show system properties
installDate 02/13/2020
rack 7b
sysContact.0 John Smith
sysLocation.0 Row12Rack8Slot4


Reports generated from the Lantronix Control Center can include data taken from properties.

Some examples:

[admin@LantronixLM]# config system properties
[config properties]# installDate 02/13/2020
[config properties]# rack 7b
[config properties]# sea Angry
[config properties]# exit


If you have SNMP enabled on the LM, you can use properties to set the System Contact and System Location:

[admin@LantronixLM]# config system properties
[config properties]# sysContact.0 John Smith
[config properties]# sysLocation.0 Row12Rack8Slot4
[config properties]# exit

Terminal Application

Properties can be used to change the behavior of the Lantronix native Terminal Application.

sshIp - This property will override the reported IP address when initiating an SSH connection using the Terminal Application. For example, if the LM's IP is, but sshIp is configured as, launching the Terminal Application will open a connection to Useful if an appliance is behind a firewall or NAT.

sshPort - This property overrides the default port 22 for SSH connections. Useful if the LM is behind a router with port forwarding capabilities.

sshIpv6 - Specifies an alternate IPv6 address to be used instead of the address reported by the LM.

sshIpOob - This property will override the reported Out of Band IP address. Useful if an appliance ends up behind a firewall or NAT when it brings up its out of band connection.

sshPortOob - This property overrides the default port 22 for SSH connections while the LM is operating Out of Band.

sshIpv6Oob - Specifies an alternate IPv6 addressed to be used when the LM is operating Out of Band.

Other Properties

Increase available port disk space (learn more):

[config properties]# _enable_large_file_system true