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Terminal Connection

Control Center provides terminal access over SSH to Local Managers and managed devices connected to Local Manager ports.

The Control Center offers these choices:

  • Open the web terminal in a separate browser tab.
  • Open the native Lantronix Terminal Application. This application must be downloaded and installed to the workstation on first use.
  • Download a connection file that can be used to launch the native Terminal Application.

The web terminal provides secure terminal access that does not require any installed applications. The native terminal application, while it requires installation on the client workstation, provides the capability to do port forwarding, port mirroring, and supports the use of a SOCKS proxy server. These features are not available when using the web terminal.

Terminal Access

Terminal access is established using the SSH button on the Control Center. This button appears on the Local Manager Summary page, Dashboard, and Inventory overview pages. On the Local Manager Summary page, clicking the chevron next to the SSH button displays the SSH menu with options to choose the client type (web terminal, native terminal application, or connection file). Select the terminal choice according to your requirements. Once you have authenticated with the Local Manager, you will be logged into the system resource and have CLI access to the Local Manager.

SSH Button

Clicking the SSH button will perform whatever action was last picked from the SSH menu, if applicable.

The SSH button is also available on other resources, including ports, modem, and power controller. Clicking the SSH button next to one of these resources will open an SSH session with the Local Manager.