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Logging In

Direct a browser to http://ipaddress, where ipaddress is the address of the server. Requests made to port 80 (http) of the Control Center are redirected to port 443 (https).

Your browser is likely to present a strong warning stating that the site's security certificate was issued for a different IP address. This is normal. The message will disappear if the presented certificate is accepted by the device or once a valid certificate is installed.

The browser displays the login screen.

CC Login Window

The default username is: administrator

The default password is: password

For security purposes, you must immediately change the administrator's password upon first login. It is strongly recommended that you create a user with administrative authority, and disable the default administrator account. For information on setting passwords and disabling accounts, see Creating and editing user accounts.


The super user seen in screenshots is an example of a newly created user with administrative authority. It was created for documentation purposes and is not present by default.

Once successfully logged in, the Alarms page appears if there are active alarms.

Lantronix Control Center - Alarms Page

If there are no active alarms, the Dashboard page is displayed.

Lantronix Control Center - Dashboard Page