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Configuring a Local Manager

CC: Inventory > Local Manager Summary page

The Control Center provides a graphical interface for the configuration of managed Local Managers. Use the configuration menus on the left side of the Summary page to view and edit settings. The configuration menus cover most but not all of the features found on the LM command line.

Lantronix Control Center - Local Manager Summary - Configuration

Click on the right arrow on the configuration menu to expand it.


Use only printing characters when completing text fields. Spaces are considered printing characters.

To change the Local Manager's configuration, select an option from the menu on the left. Enter the updated values and click Save to force the changes onto the Local Manager.

Some options may be unavailable, depending on your privileges. The IPT option is available only if the Local Manager has a Service Level Verification (SLV) license.

Configuration Menus



Required permission: config system ipt

Configure the Local Manager's SLV Voice Testing service.

OS Policies

Manage operating system standard policies per make and model for the deployment.

See Operating System Policies


Required permission: config rules

Create and update rules on the Local Manager.

See Rules and Monitors

Rule Sets

Required permission: config ruleset

Create and update rule sets on the Local Manager.

See Rules and Monitors

SLV Tests

Required permission: config slv

Configure and view SLV tests.

SLV license required.



Required permission: config system ip

Configure DNS settings.

Automatic configuration available via Zero Touch Deployment


Required permission: config system ip

Configure IP settings or enable DHCP for automatic configuration.

Automatic configuration available via Zero Touch Deployment


Required permission: config system ipv6

Configure IPv6 settings or enable autoconf for automatic configuration.

Management Server

Required permission: config system management

Enable Control Center management for a Local Manager and configure Heartbeat settings.

Automatic configuration available via Zero Touch Deployment


Required permission: config system ntp

Specify NTP server(s) for time synchronization.

Automatic configuration available via Zero Touch Deployment


Required permissions: config system protocols filter, config system protocols ssh, config system protocols telnet

Configure SSH, Telnet, IP filtering, and internal DHCP server settings.

Configure pass-through settings for SSH and Telnet.


Required permissions: show system applet

Configure settings for SOCKS Proxy used by the Lantronix Terminal Application for SSH or DIAL connections.

Reverse SHH

Required permissions: show system reverse-ssh

Configure settings for Reverse SSH Tunnel service.

See Reverse SSH Tunnels

Secondary Ethernet

Required permissions: config system secondary

Configure the Local Manager's secondary ethernet settings.


Required permissions: config system snmp

Enable and configure the Local Manager to respond to SNMP requests. Supports SNMP V3 only.


Required permissions: config system syslog-options

Configure the Local Manager to send data to a syslog server.


Required permissions: config system subinterface

Configure and view subinterfaces defined on the Local Manager.


Setup Wizard

The Out-of-Band Setup Wizard will step you through the most common configuration options. Configures modem, dial-in, dial-out, Pulse, and VPN settings.


Required permissions: config answer on modem resource

Configure answer settings, init string, and CallerID filtering.


Required permissions: config ppp on modem resource

Configure dial-up information for establishing out-of-band connections. Enable Out-of-Band Sharing.


Required permissions: config system pulse

Configure Pulse settings, including Pulse Server IPs and automatic Out-of-Band.


Required permissions: config vpn on modem resource

Configure VPN type and related settings.



Required permissions: config system authentication

Configure authentication settings, including TACACS, RADIUS, and Local authentication.

Certificates - Authority

Required permissions: config system crypto certificate

Certificates - Server

Required permissions: config system crypto certificate


Required permissions: config system authentication

Configure password requirements.


Required permissions: config privileges

Configure user permissions for local resources.


Required permissions: config rules

Create or update rules on the Local Manager.



Required permissions: config system archive

Configure archiving frequency for offloading Local Manager data to the Control Center.


Required permissions: config system banner

Set login and welcome banners.

Default Port Settings

Required permissions: config settings

Edit or delete default port settings.


Required permissions: config system email

Configure email settings for Local Manager alerting.


Required permissions: config system environment

Configure temperature and humidity thresholds. Enable alarms for power supply and Ethernet link failures.


Required permissions: config system export

Configure settings for data export.


Required permissions: config system keypad

Lock the front keypad and disable information display on the LCD.


Required permissions: config system properties

Configure key/pair properties on the Local Manager.


Required permissions: config system serial

Specify whether the Local Manager should use DCE or DTE for its serial management port.


Required permissions: config system timeout

Set the idle timer for CLI sessions. Separate from terminal pass-through idle timer.

Virtual Slots

Required permissions: config system slot

Configure or remove virtual slots.

Group-level configuration

Configuration settings are also available on the Inventory Group level. However, some Local Manager-specific settings such as IP address cannot be applied to an inventory group.