Lantronix Provisioning Manager

Lantronix Provisioning Manager allows easy administration of Lantronix Remote Environment Management (REM) devices and IoT gateways and device servers. With Lantronix Provisioning Manager, administrators can quickly update firmware, update configuration, and provision one or more devices at the same time as well as recover devices via serial.

Lantronix Provisioning Manager

Supported Devices

Lantronix Provisioning Manager supports the following devices. Features are based on the capabilities of the device.

IoT devices:

  • Lantronix BOLERO40 Series Telematics Gateway
  • Lantronix E210 Series Cellular Router
  • Lantronix E220 Series Cellular Router
  • Lantronix EDS8PR/16PR/32PR: Ethernet Terminal Server
  • Lantronix EDS8PS/16PS: Ethernet Terminal / Device Server
  • Lantronix EDS1100: Serial-to-Ethernet Secure Device Server
  • Lantronix EDS2100: Serial to-Ethernet Secure Device Server
  • Lantronix EDS3008PR/3016PR/3032PR Ethernet Terminal Server
  • Lantronix EDS3008PS/3016PS Ethernet Terminal / Device Server
  • Lantronix EDS4100: 4-Port Terminal Enterprise Device Server
  • Lantronix EDS-MD: Medical Server
  • Lantronix FOX3 Series Telematics Gateway
  • Lantronix G520 Series Cellular Router
  • Lantronix MatchPort AR: Embedded Device Server
  • Lantronix PremierWave 2050
  • Lantronix PremierWave XC – HSPA+ Industrial Grade IoT Gateway
  • Lantronix PremierWave XN Intelligent Gateway
  • Lantronix SGX 5150: IoT Device Gateway
  • Lantronix SGX 5150-MD: IoT Device Gateway
  • Lantronix UDS1100: Serial to Ethernet Adapter
  • Lantronix UDS1100-IAP: Industrial Serial to Ethernet Converter
  • Lantronix UDS2100: External Device Server
  • Lantronix X300 Series Cellular Router
  • Lantronix xDirect 485: Device Server
  • Lantronix xDirect-IAP: Industrial Device Server with Modbus Support
  • Lantronix xPico: Embedded Ethernet Device Server
  • Lantronix xPico 110: Wired Device Server Module
  • Lantronix xPico 240/250/270 (200 Series): Embedded Wi-Fi IoT Gateway
  • Lantronix xPico Wi-Fi: Embedded Wi-Fi Module
  • Lantronix xPico-IAP: Embedded Modbus Ethernet Module
  • Lantronix XPort EDGE: Embedded Wired Ethernet IoT Gateway
  • Lantronix XPort Pro: Embedded Serial to Ethernet Device Server with Enhanced Security
  • Lantronix XPort-03/04 (X2) Device Server
  • Lantronix XPort-03/04 (X5) Device Server
  • Lantronix XPort-05 (X9) Device Server

Remote Environment Management (REM) devices:

  • Lantronix EMG8500: Edge Management Gateway
  • Lantronix EMG7500: Edge Management Gateway
  • Lantronix SLB: Branch Office Manager
  • Lantronix SLC 8000: Advanced Console Manager