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config system email

Interactive command to configure SMTP server settings for sending in-band and outband mail alerts. When alarms trigger, the Lantronix Local Manager collects them and sends them every two minutes to users who have subscribed to the alarms.

Command availability

CLI resource: system

Lantronix system: All

LMS offerings: All


config system email


For maximum fault tolerance, use separate mail servers when operating outband.

[admin@LantronixLM]# config system email
--- Existing  Values ---
In-Band SMTP Server:
In-Band from address:
In-Band SMTP Port: 25
Use user authentication in-band: no
Prefer SSL for in-band email: no
Out-of-Band SMTP Server:
Out-of-Band from address:
Out-of-Band SMTP Port: 25
Use user authentication out-of-band: no
Prefer SSL for out-of-band email: no
Change these? (y/n) [n]:

In the Lantronix web interface

Inventory > group page > System > Email - specific to this inventory group

Inventory > Local Manager page > System > Email - specific to this system


3.4 - This command was introduced

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