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push file

Used to push ad-hoc files to the managed device from the Local Manager.

The command line defined as the [remoteCmd] will be issued to the device and the tftp/sftp server will be started on the management IP address of the Local Manager

Rules can be defined to automate this operation using the push action.

Command availability

CLI resource: port, powercontrol

Device makes: All

Lantronix Local Managers: All

LMS offerings: All


Push <tftp | sftp> [dedicated] "<remoteCmd>" <xferFileName> <type> [version]

Add dedicated to use dedicated ethernet

remoteCmd is executed on the device

xferFileName of outgoing file

type =

version = >


The command used to tftp the file FROM the managed device is sent inside the quotes. If no version is specified it will be stored in "Current".

[admin@LantronixLM (port1/1)]# push tftp "tftp -c get p1os.bin" p1os.bin os upgrade45


4.5 - This command was introduced

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