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device execute

Provides a proxied command interface to devices. Standard transactional configuration management is applied if configured.

Command availability

CLI resource: port

Device makes: Comtech, Sea Tel

Lantronix Local Managers: All

LMS offerings: All


device execute "<command to execute>" [-d]

The must be a valid command.

-d Delay between repeated execution of the commands. Delay execution ends with a ctrl-c


[admin@LantronixLM (port1/1)]# device execute S -d 5
running-config saved to archive as current.
SIA@PL0116 @P
SHA@@L0116 @P
SHP@PL0116 @P
beginning pull of running-config
Pulled 79 configuration lines.
running-config was pulled
running-config saved to archive as current


3.5 - This command was introduced.

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