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show device changes

Displays a summary of changes to a device. The list can be filtered by user ID. To see detailed information about a change, use the show device change command.

Command availability

CLI resource: port

Device makes: 3Com, Alcatel, Cisco, Comtech EF Data, HP, iDirect, Juniper, ND Satcom, Netscreen, Nortel, Sun, Tasman, TippingPoint, server

Lantronix Local Managers: All

LMS offerings: All


show device changes ["userID"]

Use the optional userID parameter to view changes made by a specific user.


[admin@LantronixLM (port 2/1)]# show device changes  
id        user      ip address         changed         
-----     -----     --------------     ----------------
98305     ksmith     Feb 15 06:46 UTC
61233     djones   Jan 31 10:46 UTC
98305     secadm    Jan 30 06:00 UTC
98305     ksmith     Jan 16 18:46 UTC

In the Lantronix web interface

Inventory > Local Manager page > port detail > Changes


1.4 - This command was introduced.

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